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Robinson Family Xmas

"Robinson Holiday'"
to the tune of Nicki Minaj's "Roman Holiday"

Meli Minaj

lyrics by Amelia
performed by Amelia
and featuring the much anticpated return of Aileen to the microphone

Lila remains appalled by this tradition and refuses to participate
despite doing the best Nicki Minaj impression of anybody in our family.
Please send your complaints directly to her
(but listen to the very end to hear a classic duet with Lila and Aileen from RFX-1999)

stream it:

or right-click to download:

"Robinson Holiday" (mp3)
(5:44 / 8MB)


Take your medications, Mom
We're going on vacation, Mom
You'll be okay
We need to get our presents ready
So we can get to Grannie Annie's
for Christmas Day
Come on, Dad, not now, not now
It's not time to clean the gutters
It's Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve
Please don't delay our Robinson Holiday
Robinson Holiday
our Robinson Holiday

Go to sleep, go to sleep
He's almost here
He don't come in a car
He comes by sleigh and reindeer
Get out the cookies and the milk real fast
so he can bring all their presents, at last
Anyways, I'm gonna go to sleep now
See you in the morning, keep the noise down
Why can't Christmas just be over
Feels like we just got done with Thanksgiving leftovers
Let me tell you this, Claus
Listen up, this is a vital cause
They want so many gifts
I think you get the gist
Could your reindeer maybe lend a paw?
Cause everytime I say "yes" it's
"Mom, we really want more!"
I ask "Come on girls, what do you want that for?"
They say, "We just want stuff that will fill our drawers"
Then obviously, I go and shut my door


Hmmmm...Red! Hmmmm...Green! Hmmmm... White!
Come on everyone it's Christmas time!
This is what i do when Santa Claus is here
This is what I do to make some Christmas cheer
and if I'm being honest, it's the best time of the year
and this is what I do when Santa Claus is here
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
I know you don't like it like I do, and I do
I know you dread Christmas and all you gotta do
You probably hoped
the Mayans were right
So you wouldn't have to do another Christmas, I bet
but the world ain't over... at least not yet!


Oh come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant...

Oh come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant
This is our Robinson Holiday


(wait for it... a little bonus blast from your RFX past)

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